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  • Interior Painting

    Download No other project you do around your home so completely changes the appearance and mood of a room for less time, effort or money than painting. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Refinishing Timber Furniture

    Download Furniture eventually reaches a point where it needs more than dusting and polishing, however, stripping and refinishing old furniture is no longer the norm. An aged finish, with a patina that only time can produce, can greatly add to the character and value of an object. Sometimes all that is needed for such pieces is a thorough cleaning and as different kinds of furniture call for different cleaning methods advice on cleaning or other restoration should be sought from an expert. If you have no ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Composting

    Download Composting is the common name for the decomposition of organic matter such as leaves, grass, and food scraps, by micro organisms, under aerobic conditions. This decomposition occurs naturally in all but the most hostile environments, such as within landfills or in extremely arid deserts, and the result of this decomposition process is compost, a crumbly, earthy- smelling, soil-like material that is  an excellent source of organic matter for garden soils. Although you can buy commercially pr ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Cubby House

    Download Draw your cubby floor plan and elevations on graph paper to an easily convertible scale. Depending on the size of your cubby some local Councils may require that plans are submitted for approval so it might be prudent to check with them first. While you’re at it, check the locations of any underground utilities that you may encounter when excavating. Consideration should also be given to what you are going to do with the cubby after it has outlived its usefulness. Maybe you could use it as ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Replacing Door Furniture

    Download Door furniture refers to any of the items that are attached to a door or a drawer to enhance its functionality or appearance. These items include latches, locks, knobs, handles, flush pulls and push plates Transforming your home's appearance for relatively little cost is just one of the reasons for changing your home’s door furniture. You might also want to improve security or replace a broken lock with a new one. Even if there's nothing wrong with your existing door furniture, you ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Laying Ceramic Wall Tiles

    Download You can easily brighten up your bathroom or kitchen by using wall tiles. They make an attractive backsplash behind sinks and stoves, or encasing a bathtub or shower. Wall tiling is relatively easy if accompanied by careful planning, but it does take patience, common sense and being somewhat handy. However, be aware that shower tiling requires waterproofing of the substrate and the consequences of a poor job can be expensive leaks. Sometimes it is better to leave shower tiling to experienced, pro ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Rope Tying

    Download Knots are essential in many industrial, work, home or recreational activities but the number of knots, ties, bends, hitches, and shortenings in use is almost unlimited and they can be confusing and bewildering to the uninitiated.  For the average person who only uses knots occasionally, it is useful to learn just a few knots which are easy to tie and easy to remember, yet are strong and secure and safe for a wide variety of purposes. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Exterior Painting

    Download There are few more rewarding projects than giving your home a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Painting is a relatively simple do-it-yourself project the whole family can help with and a good paint job will not only protect your house from the elements, saving you the higher cost of extensive repairs, but will also add value to your home, and can make a great first impression if you're planning to sell. Take a few minutes to read through the steps that follow. They'll save you time, ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Plasterboard...Jointing and Cornice

    Download Once all your plasterboard sheets are in place and the adhesive has had time to dry, the seams and corners of the plasterboard need to be finished off with joint tape and premixed jointing compound. Jointing is not as easy as it looks, so take your time and use smooth strokes and clean tools … and be prepared for some frustration at the beginning. Cornice styles are wide ranging and are the ideal way to finish off the look of a room and do not require any special skills to erect. Fitting ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Plasterboard...Cutting and Fixing

    Download Plasterboard is the most widely used wall and ceiling lining material in Australia. It is composed of a gypsum core encased in a heavy-duty linerboard which is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core. For domestic use, long edges are recessed to assist in producing a smooth, even and continuous surface once jointed.  Generally in 1200mm and 1350mm widths, plasterboard is available in a variety of lengths from 2400mm up to 6000mm, in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses, although ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013

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